The Center

   Center for Innovation- VNIT Nagpur (CIVN), a section 25 (non-profit) company is set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating technology ideas and innovation in various disciplines of science and engineering into products, processes and services for commercial exploitation and the benefit of society.

  Thus, CIVN came into existence in 2012 to administer the technology incubator and accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship in VNIT campus and people of the region.

  CIVN under assistance of Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission Government of Maharashtra (RGSTC) runs and manages a Technology Incubator (TI) at VNIT, Nagpur to facilitate incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies by admitting them in TI and providing them physical, technical and networking supports and services.

  VNIT has been carrying research in cutting edge technologies which have potential to generate large amount of wealth, provided the gap between research and commercialization of the research output is bridged. Center for Innovation is able to address this gap by providing platform for the entrepreneurs to setup high wealth generating industries in Maharashtra using such cutting edge research.

  Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III) at VNIT has been active since inception in 1993. It has established linkages with local industry, industry associations, and Govt. Departments in the promotion of technology. The technology developed in the laboratories can be used for development of new products and services.

  VNIT would like to support a thriving and knowledge based business community in the Vidarbha area. We expect CIVN to produce responsible business enterprises and entrepreneurial leadership that will not only make a valuable contribution to the local economy, but also increase awareness in the region about a highly productive carrier option available.