Center for Innovation,VNIT Nagpur.

Center for Innovation (CIVN), hosted at VNIT Nagpur, under assistance of Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission Government of Maharashtra (RGSTC) is an umbrella for promotion of entrepreneurship at VNIT Nagpur. CIVN administers a business incubator which provides support for technology based entrepreneurship. Thus, CIVN extends the role of VNIT Nagpur by facilitating the conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures.

At VNIT, Industry Institute Interaction (III) Cell has been active since inception in 1993. It has established linkages with local industry, industry associations, and Govt. Departments in the promotion of technology.

VNIT is engaged in research activities in the areas of VLSI Design, RF Design, Computer Science, and engineering disciplines of Mechanical, Material Science, Mining and Chemical, and a host of other fields.

The technology developed in the laboratories can be used for development of new products and services. VNIT would like to support a thriving and knowledge based business community in the Vidarbha area.

    The Main Activities at CIVN are to:

  • Incubate early stage entrepreneurial ventures based on technology and innovation.
  • Create physical infrastructure and support systems necessary for business incubation activities.
  • Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubatee companies.
  • Identify technologies/innovations which have potential for commercial ventures.
  • Promote and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Carry out activities that facilitate knowledge creation, innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

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