“Center for Innovation-VNIT”, CIVN is a technology incubation Center to help VNIT faculty, students, past students and others to incubate technology companies and help them in the initial period by providing all necessary facilities.


A Technology business incubator nurtures the development of technology based and knowledge driven companies helping them to survive and grow during the start up period (2-3 years) by providing initial support and guidance.


If you really feel that your ideas is more appealing than a one-dimensional job. Then send us a PAQ (PRE-APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE) which is available on CIVN website, selected ideas will be called for Business Plan.


We are focusing on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and related business ideas.


We are very early stage investors (pre-seed and seed) and we invest in projects from business plan stage to others that are already getting their initial revenues.


  • Incubators help client companies secure capital in a number of ways:
  • A company desirous of getting seed loan may submit an application for seed fund on admission in BI upto Rs 25 lakhs (on merits/milestones of company). For more details read Policy and Procedures document.
  • Connecting companies with angel investors (high-net-worth individual investors)
  • Working with companies for connecting them to venture capitalists, Corporations, Banks, Microfinance Institutions, NBFCs and other such bodies



Companies will be permitted to stay in CIVN for a period of 24 months. CIVN may, at its own discretion, permit companies to extend their stay for a maximum period of another 12 months.


We believe the entrepreneurs should feel owners of the project and we do not expect them to give us a majority shareholding. The indicative range of the equity holding by CIVN will be 6-8%


Yes, as you go through the application process, your idea will be kept confidential and will only be shared with CIVN staff and scrutiny Committee.


YES!!! We believe “Learning” and “Innovation” can go hand in hand.


No, sorry. At CIVN, we focus solely on assisting start- up businesses.


If you are a start-up or thinking to explore your innovation, CIVN could provide you with the support you need to grow your business. CIVN services at an affordable cost and the assessment in the initial phase which is essential for growing a sustainable business.


  • Good infrastructure with common office facilities, computers; internet access; shared facilities such as printing, photocopying, faxing, and scanning, well laid out entry and exit policies for tenant companies.
  • Involvement, commitment and full cooperation from host institute and other stake holders.
  • Experts for core technical guidance and assistance.
  • Labs and technical facilities prototype development.
  • Assessment of Techno-commercial Viability of Proposals Received and proper mentoring. IPR and Legal Advice through a panel of specialist legal advisers identified for the purpose to help the prospective entrepreneurs.
  • The centre proposes to tie-up incubating companies with reputed bankers and venture capitalists for mobilizing finances through Banks / Venture Capitalists/ Angel Investors.
  • Skill Development Programs for Managing Business activity shall be carried out by VNIT, other training institutes and individual experts as deemed fit.


Refer Policy and Procedures document.

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